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Tantrums, biting, & aggression

Tantrums, biting and aggresssion are common challenges with young children, and some of the most stressful! Maybe your nursery called to say your child bit a classmate, or it’s hard to get out of the house with constant tantrums - Devie can help. Devie will create a personalised, science-based plan to help you get through this phase.

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Three things you should know about tantrums, biting & aggression


This is a normal developmental phase

Aggression is very common amongst young children. At this age, children might lash out instinctively, because they haven’t developed self-control. This is usually normal child behaviour!


Behaviours are often driven by big emotions

One of the main reasons children act out, is because they are experiencing big emotions, and don’t have the words or strategies to cope. So they act out to express frustration, get attention, or communicate their needs.


You can help!

The good news is, that you can teach your child that throwing tantrums, screaming, and hurting others isn’t okay, and help them develop other, healthy ways of coping with emotions, communicating, and problem solving. And that’s what the Devie plan is all about!

Expert advice on handling tantrums, biting, and aggressive behaviour

About Devie

About Devie

At Devie, we help parents manage child behaviour, and build children’s social and emotional skills in the process. Our mission is to help every parent give their child a strong foundation from which to thrive.