Our story

Our founding team believes we have to start early, and start with families to build a more just society

Puja Balachander


Former product designer at the White House and World Bank who spent five years building digital tools to support vulnerable families

Daniel Needleman


Former teacher and school governer who spent 7 years in finance, is a CFA charter holder, and has an MSc. in Finance from London Businss School

Katherine Tredinnick

Head of Research

Former early childhood development researcher at University of Oxford, with an MSc. in Evidence-Based Policy Intervention from Oxford

We've each spent our careers supporting children and families -- in government, education, and academia.

And we've each noticed the same problems. The early years of parenting can be overwhelming and isolating. Parenting support can be expensive or unavailable, and parents often feel judged.

So we came together to help every parent get the support they need. Support that's accessible, actionable, and makes them feel like, "I've got this."

Our values

Core beliefs that guide how we work, design, and build


We know parents are doing their best. We approach every conversation without judgment.


The support we provide is accessible to every parent regardless of income level, language, and technological literacy.


All chats with Devie are based on standards from the Early Years Foundation Stage and latest early childhood development research.


We’ve taken steps to safeguard the personal information of our users. Information about who sees data on Devie and how it’s used can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Our Team

Teachers, academics, technologists, and behavioral scientists who share our commitment to supporting families

Krishna Ganesan

Acting CTO

Extensive experience leading technology and IT at big banks and telcos including JP Morgan, and Bank of America

Zenna Hopson

Board Member

Former Chairman of Osfted, a serial entrepreneur and subject matter expert with 25+ years in early childhood education

Sally Smith

Content Partner

CEO of Peeple, a charity which has pioneered evidence-based ways to support families in their children's early years


Funders and partners helping us bring 24/7 personal parenting support to every family