Starting early is key

Research shows that gaps in child development become apparent at 18 months of age.

Research also shows that certain parenting behaviours can close these gaps.

That's why we made Devie, a chatbot that teaches parents different parenting behaviors that aid child development. Using insights from the Peep Learning Together Programme, our daily chats include activities that teach your little one how to build relationships, communicate, develop self-awareness, and more!

Vision & Mission

We want every child to have the best start in life.

We're working towards this by helping every parent feel confident in their ability to provide their child with this start.

Our values


We know parents are doing their best. We approach every conversation without judgment.


The support we provide is accessible to every parent regardless of income level, language, and technological literacy.


All chats with Devie are based on standards from the Early Years Foundation Stage and latest early childhood development research.


We’ve taken steps to safeguard the personal information of our users. Information about who sees data on Devie and how it’s used can be found in our Privacy Policy.


Our Team

Puja Balachander


Krishna Ganesan


Daniel Needleman


Katherine Tredinnick

Research / Content

Zenna Hopson

Board Member

Sally Smith

Content Partner