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While biting is a normal part of childhood development, that doesn’t make it less stressful (not to mention painful!). Maybe your child shocked you with a sudden bite, or you have the nursery calling you to say your child bit a classmate. Devie can help you handle it by designing a psychology-based plan for your family.

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Three things to know about biting


Biting is a normal developmental phase

As shocking as biting can be, it’s very common amongst toddlers. This could be for a variety of reasons. Your child might be frustrated or stressed. They could be testing boundaries and reactions from you, or they could be copying a behaviour they’ve seen. No matter what, it’s important to remember you’re not alone, and this is normal toddler behaviour.


Biting is often driven by big emotions

One of the main reasons children bite is that they’re experiencing big emotions (e.g., anger, frustration, anxiety), and they don’t have the vocabulary to express those emotions in other ways. Another reason is that biting gets an immediate reaction. So, it doesn’t take long for the child to learn that biting is quite effective at getting attention, even if it’s negative!


You can banish biting!

There are ways to prevent biting, and to teach your child that this is never acceptable behaviour. As you do this, you’ll help them to develop healthier ways of getting attention, and communicating their wants and needs.

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