About Devie


Devie is a social enterprise with the mission to support every parent to help their child grow. Our vision is that every child starts school and life with an equal chance for success, and that every parent feels confident and satisfied in their ability to provide their child with this start. 

Our Values

  • Empathy- We firmly believe that every parent is doing their best. We approach every conversation with this understanding, and never judge.

  • Equity- Any support we provide needs to be accessible to every parent no matter their income level, language, technological literacy etc. We go the extra mile to ensure that Devie is available, accessible, and useful to every parent that needs it. 

  • Evidence- Anything parents see and interact with on Devie is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and verified early childhood development research. Making research comprehensible and actionable to parents is one of our reasons for being.

  • Ethics- We are transparent and clear with users about who sees Devie data, and how it’s used. We take safeguarding of parents and children seriously.