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Screen Time

Screen time can be a source of guilt and stress for parents, and attempts to reduce screen time often cause tantrums and anger with children. But screen time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and you can set new house rules about screen time, if that’s what you think is best for your family. Using the science of early childhood development and psychology, Devie can put together a plan to help you make and enforce new house rules around screen time with your child, and help them entertain themselves in other ways.

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Three things to know about screen time


Make screen time interactive

While we’re not ignoring the risks surrounding screen time, you can use limited screen time to improve learning. The most important quality of screen time for young children is interactivity. This could mean some ‘virtual babysitting’ with a trusted relative or friend, following along with activities on a YouTube video, or even just asking your child questions about what they saw after a show.


You’ve got a lot on your plate

It’s important to remember that you’re human, and you can’t do it all. So if a bit of screen time helps you get the time you need to get work done, cook a meal, do chores, or take a break for yourself (just as important!), then don’t beat yourself up. All of these are things you have to do, and if screen time helps you, then use it!


Set firm boundaries, and build independence

It can be hard to set boundaries around screen time when your child objects! But it’s important to come up with limits that work for your family, and stick to them. It often helps to support your child to find non-screen ways to keep themselves occupied independently.

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