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Tantrums & Aggression

Tantrums and aggression are some of the hardest things to deal with as a parent. This happens because at this age, children lack the tools to regulate and express emotions like frustration, anxiety and stress in healthy ways. Emotions like anger and frustration are extremely overwhelming for little ones. Often, at the point that they’re having a meltdown, they’re in ‘fight or flight’ mode, and have lost control of their bodies. It’s important to keep your perspective - your child doesn’t want to hurt you. They lack the skills to control and express big emotions in healthy ways. Devie can help you with a plan to stop the yelling, screaming, and/or aggression, and give your child the tools they need to process emotions in healthy ways.

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Three things to know about tantrums & aggression


Children struggle with handling frustration and anger

Unlike adults, children aren’t able to think rationally yet. So, when their anger builds up, it can explode into tantrums and aggressive behaviours. For example, being told to stop what they’re doing, not getting what they want, or being asked to do something they don’t want to do provokes big feelings that they need help to control.


Stress and anxiety can also be culprits

Sometimes, anger isn’t the only reason behind aggressive behaviour. In fact, other feelings, such as fear, stress, and anxiety can trigger this too. For example, your child may throw a tantrum or start hitting because they’re feeling scared about being put into a potentially uncomfortable situation. So, much like with anger, they struggle to handle this, and turn to aggression to cope, and get you to respond.


There are ways around this!

Aggression isn’t a pleasant phase, but like others, it will also pass. But that doesn’t mean you just suffer through it, in fact this is an important opportunity to teach your child to build lifelong emotional regulation skills. There are tried and tested ways to prevent and manage aggression in the moment, and help your child develop vital social-emotional skills.

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