Terms & Conditions

Use of the Devie Service by parents & carers with parental responsibility

1. “Devie” is Devie Ltd (Company Registration Number: 12300482(England & Wales); Registered Office: Flat 9, Dereham Place, London EC2A 3HJ (“the Company”),

2. “Devie” is, more specifically, a service provided, by the Company, through the https://deviecoach.com website (“the Devie Service”).

3. The Devie Service is intended and designed to provide a reasonably reliable source of information, guidance, support and assistance to parents and carers with parental responsibility (“Users”).

4. These are the Terms and Conditions for the use of the Devie Service by Users (“Terms”).

5. Terms 18-22 set out data protection provisions in relation to use of any personal/sensitive data provided by Users in engaging with the Devie Service (“User Data”).

6. These Terms are automatically provided prior to each use/accessing of the Devie Service. They may have been varied since any previous use/accessing. The latest variation date appears in the heading.

7. Each User agrees to these Terms (as varied) on each occasion that s/he submits any details, or data, to the Devie Service and on each use/accessing of the Devie Service.

8. Devie’s purpose is to provide a particular single-site source of generally applicable support and related generally applicable advice on common parenting issues and challenges. The intention is that parents and carers may experience Devie as a means of support in every day parenting

9. The Devie Service is NOT an expert, specialist, professional, emergency, crisis, or any other form of specific advice, or support, service and cannot be a substitute for, or a supplement to, advice provided by any service normally provided through direct human engagement, including (non-exhaustively) by: educationalists; medical practitioners; health authorities; counsellors; or therapists.

10. The Devie Service may aim to assist Users to access third party sources of such advice and support.

11. Any action, or omission, connected in any way to any User engagement with the Devie Service remains the sole responsibility of the User and is NOT the responsibility of the Company.

12. Any engagement between a User and a third party connected to any proposal, suggestion, or sign-posting through the Devie Service remains the sole responsibility of the User and is NOT the responsibility of the Company.

13. The Devie Service is an automated, online service powered by a responsive algorithm designed for the purposes of the Devie project and to improve as the Devie Service operates over time.

14. The Devie Service is NOT a live, interactive service with any facility to respond to Users personally outside the automated online process.

15. The Devie Service was originally developed and is being further developed with the intention that, as it improves, the automated process will have some level of capacity to respond to potential indicators of particular potential issues, with appropriate support messages. However, this is an added value refinement within a core service providing direct responses to questions/issues inputted by Users, based on User information.

16. It is recommended that Users should test the functionality of the Devie Service on minor issues, before engaging with it in relation to any issue of particular importance to them.

17. The Company’s policy in relation to any payment for the Devie Service will be published and updated, as applicable, from time to time, on the Devie website and any such policy is incorporated into these Terms. If and for as long as there is no such current policy the Devie Service is free to Users.

18. The Company reserves the right to discontinue provision of the Devie Service to any User as a result of any use considered by the Company, in its reasonable discretion, to be unlawful, reckless, negligent, unethical, or otherwise improper.

Use of User Data by and through the Devie Service

19. The Company will act reasonably to ensure User Data is used only in accordance with these Terms and is securely and confidentially stored.

20. Details submitted by Users to the Devie Service and any further personal or sensitive data arising from Devie Service communications are retained, by the Company, solely within the Devie system, as far as appropriate and proportionate, for the purpose of such Devie Service communications and will be retained only for a reasonable period relatable to such communications. This may involve Devie system developers incidentally having access, in controlled, confidential and limited circumstances to data appropriately populating the Devie system.

21. Information arising from Devie Service communications is fed into the Devie system algorithm, in anonymised and de-personalised form, to improve its operational refinement and sensitivity and the overall Devie Service. This may involve processors of the information incidentally having access, in controlled, confidential and limited circumstances to data as it is anonymised and depersonalised.

22. The Devie system may generate anonymised, depersonalised codes which may allow anonymised, depersonalised feedback to organisations, such as those referenced in Terms 23 and 24 below, on the operation of the Devie Service.

23. Further information on Devie’s control and processing of User Data is available, on the Devie website, in the form of the Company’s Record of Processing Arrangements in respect of the Devie Service and the Company’s Privacy Notice in respect of the Devie Service.

Promotion of the Devie Service by organisations supporting parents
and carers with parental responsibility

24. The Company may agree arrangements in relation to sign-posting, making referrals to, or promoting the Devie Service, with organisations having a role and/or interest in supporting parents and carers with parental responsibility, for example: educational institutions; health and social care authorities; community development organisations; employers and governmental agencies.

25. As part of such arrangements, the Company may provide anonymised and depersonalised information to such organisations, on engagements with Users, to indicate benefit and value provided by the Devie Service and/or outcomes of support of the Devie Service provided by such organisations.